Thursday, June 16, 2016

Ocean Pollution Psa and a Bad Meme (and a slight psa on global warming)

There we go, a bad meme. Now, I'm going to tell you about ocean pollution, oil spills, global warming, and places like the Great Pacific Garbage Dump. Let's start off with global warming. As many of you know, the world is suffering from global warming, meaning that it's getting hotter, which isn't good. An example of what can happen from global warming is more storms, more disasters, and water rising. There is also quite a lot of people saying global warming is a hoax, but to be honest, the people claiming it's a hoax don't really provide very much evidence that or they bring up other topics that seem to be about global warming but isn't at all. So I can't really address that. If you wish to help this then try to figure out a way to use less CO2, like planting trees or using a car less often.

  Now let's start talking about ocean pollution. Unlike the last topic, ocean pollution isn't called a hoax, which is good however that means that people know it's real and bad but don't do anything about it. Ocean pollution is when the ocean is polluted, whether by plastic, trash, chemicals, or oil spills. If somehow you didn't hear of it before and want proof, look at the meme or simply google it. Obviously, ocean pollution is bad because it can do things like killing off sea creatures and the animals that eat those sea creatures, meaning less food for us. And if somehow this helps convince you it's bad, less clean and pretty beaches, I mean imagine swimming in water-filled with plastic, how about chemicals that are bad for you? Or maybe water that just had oil spilled into it. If that still doesn't convince you that it's bad, then maybe you should reconsider a few things. And if it does convince you, then try out cleaning up beaches.

  And now onto our next topic, oil spills. The last paragraph slightly talked about it, though not very much. Oil spills are when, well oil spills into the ocean. This is normally due to fossil fuel mining equipment breaking and the oil going everywhere. And also because of the small droplets of fuel falling from cars and into sewers that lead to the ocean, or other places. This is bad because this can kill animals living in the sea and in some cases, even make them bad to eat. It can also kill the animals eating sea creatures. If you would like to help out with this, try not to drive as often, use a bike or jog if it's nearby and you won't be late, plus it's better for you.

  Onto what's most likely the most famous topic, The Great Pacific Garbage Patch and Other Places Like It. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch and Other Places Like it is caused when people dump garbage out into the ocean either to save money, save space, or just because they're lazy. This can cause animals to suffocate either because something got stuck in their throat o because something wrapped around their neck. In rare cases, the animal will be able to eat it without dying. Still isn't good for them though. Just like global warming The Great Pacific Garbage Patch and Other Places Like it is called a hoax. Although it's not because there isn't proof, it's because it might actually just be a bunch of microscopic plastic. Can't even see it. Either way, it's still bad and therefore, if you wish to help out, use less plastic, clean beaches, recycle, and don't waste food, instead use it as compost. Also, get an aluminum/stainless steel water bottle, it'll be cheaper and better for the world in the long run.

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*All places with [REDACTED] will have information on a later date. Probably. Hopefully. Eh, don't count on it.


  1. Natalie--you will enjoy this

  2. Natalie - Great blog! What a great way to bring attention to a serious problem. I thought your topics very varied and I got to learn about different aspects of ocean pollution. I really like the comment about how animals can be dangerous to eat, either by us or for other predator animals. Here is a term for you - bioaccumulation. This is where pollutants climb the food chain to the top. If small fish are eating oil, then the bigger fish each them, and the even bigger fish eat them, then we eat the biggest fish that have been eating all other animals with oil in them, we can suffer the consequences. Great job on your blog, keep up the good work!

  3. Wow, Natalie, you really know your stuff! It's so important to address the issues affecting our ecosystems today-- especially those as large scale as our marine environments. You did a great job integrating the information in an interesting, organized way! Another interesting fact for you is that the oil doesn't get completely "cleaned up" (I know, horrifying right?). Particles in the oil can lump together to form oil "aggregates" which continue to disperse themselves throughout the ecosystem and some of the denser elements actually sink down to the depths of the ocean forming a toxic particle layer that sinks into the sea floors (yuck!). Phenomenal job, you go girl!

  4. Natalie,

    Great job! You really know your stuff! I'm glad to see you bring attention to this topic because it is a serious one to consider as our population continues to increase. I like your comment on the garbage problem in the Pacific Ocean. It saddens me too on how wasteful and disrespectful we can be as a society. As long as there are more people like you we can really make a change in the world. Just think, someday you might be the lead ecologist in a clean-up that may save an ecosystem! The opportunities are out there for you and I'm glad that you've shared this with the world! Not many people your age can say that they're published! Pretty impressive and I look forward reading more of your papers in the future! Keep writing and stay true to yourself! You're amazing!