Saturday, April 8, 2017

Is This Our Ocean, or Pollution?

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Microorganisms that live in water feed on biodegradable substances. When too much biodegradable material is added to water, the number of microorganisms increase and use up the available oxygen. This is called oxygen depletion.

When oxygen levels in the water are depleted, relatively harmless aerobic microorganisms die and anaerobic microorganisms begin to thrive. Some anaerobic microorganisms are harmful to people, animals and the environment, as they produce harmful toxins such as ammonia and sulfides. Text from:

The ocean can be polluted in these ways. Such as, suspended matter, which is when some pollutants do not dissolve and then get stuck and then animals lose their habitats and possible even kill animals.

The point source of pollution is, for ex: an oil spill. A point source has to be something you can point at and say “ that is the source of that pollution”.

A non-point source is when there is so many sources of pollution you don't know where the source is or there is too many places it is coming from.

Some consequences of ocean pollution are giant piles of floating garbage. Animals dying, animals losing their habitat and possibly even acid rain.

Do you think we should rethink this? I do, this is horrible we are polluting our ocean that is a privilege to have, if we take advantage of having it soon we won't and, it will be covered in garbage, covered in dead animals, it won't be as pretty and beautiful as it was. Just stop and think, what are we doing to this world? The earth is dying, slowly but our kids kids will not see the same thing we see if we keep acting like this! This is just plain up terrifying if you think about it.

Have you thought about it yet? What do you say? Do you! You want to change the world, then do something! Help the world to be a better place for us and you and your children's children and everyone. GPmap_2010_NOAAMDP.jpg

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  1. I like how you are looking towards the future and making this something that is relevant to not just yourself, but your classmates and even complete strangers! One of the things that I would love to see is some specifics about the amount of pollution that is currently affecting our oceans. Overall, I love the ideas that you have started to present, and am excited for you to make moves towards correcting the issues that pollution currently create in our world.
    From Mr. Postlewait- Spokane Washington.