Thursday, April 27, 2017

World Solutions

From WaterGroup2014
Everyone is probably aware of the problems with our ecosystem, such as one of the most terrible problems, pollution. Pollution is a worldwide problem that makes our rivers and oceans and even the creatures that live in the water die. Many places around the world deal with this problem every day as their trash fills the water. Pollution begins when people start throwing their unneeded items such as cans and plastic bottles into the nearest river or ocean. Eventually, the water gets so filled with junk that the water becomes toxic, but it's not just toxic for us it's toxic to everything that has contact with the water.

Here's a website to more water pollution if you want to make a stop to it...

But it's not just pollution you have to be afraid of...
Something known as global warming has also affected our planet highly.
Global warming is basically our planet's climate is getting hotter and hotter by the second which can in some cases affect creatures that live in colder climates. This states that this could lead to these animals to become extinct. Just imagine having to go to a museum to show your kid what a penguin was. But this problem also continues to harm our lakes and rivers as they get warmer, and the poor creatures that live below in the water have no way to stop it.

This here is a whole website dedicated to preventing this...

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Please, make an end to this, and make your story have a happy ending.

By Gabe


  1. Thanks for sharing what you've learned, Gabe. I'm wondering what you think are some good steps for other kids your age to begin reversing climate change?

    1. What I think are some good steps Michelle are to start using solar energy to power buildings. Solar panels can be bought online and if kids begin saving their money for it, they could make a huge change to our world.