Thursday, March 17, 2016

Does Having a Growth Mindset Over a Fixed Mindset Really Matter?

Lots of kids grow up hearing “Don’t give up!” or “Try your best!”. Those things may just seem like things your parents say, a simple encouragement and not that sincere. Right? Well wrong! Because they are actually important life lessons, now that sounds kind of deep, but really it’s quite simple. For example if we all really took “Don’t give up” seriously there would be no High School dropouts or in extreme cases Suicide. That’s a very extreme level but it’s technically true. You see there are two ways of looking at the world, or in other words, two different mindsets. A growth mindset is when you're not afraid to look dumb or get something wrong, you try hard and don’t give up. Then there is a fixed mindset where if you are not completely sure of, say an answer on your test you will give up because you don’t want to look stupid. 

So you must be thinking, well ok but what does this have to do with world problems? 

Here's the answer. Right now there are so many homeless and unemployed people, and let's face it it’s probably because they didn’t get a good education. But if we all work hard in school and aren’t afraid to take risks or challenges we will get good educations!!! It’s not easy to have a growth mindset, but work on it, you will see that it is a very important skill.
by Ava

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