Thursday, March 3, 2016


Steven Guerrisi - Some Rights Reserved

You know that trash you probably just threw out your car window a few hours ago? Do you know what happened to it? No? Let me walk you through what probably happened. First, you're driving along that road that probably had all that trash there already and it's sunny so all your windows are open. You’re eating some fast food on the go because you didn’t have time to stop and eat breakfast and your fast food wrappers start to flap their way around your car and they fly out the window. After that, the wrapper, along with the other trash on that road, get blown down the street towards a bridge. Under that bridge is a river or creek so, when the trash falls into that creek the current takes it along to where its opens up to the ocean. Then, that garbage floats out to sea and joins the big island of trash in the ocean.

That is likely what happened to that trash you dropped. So, next time you decide to leave your trash on the side of a street or highway remember how much of the Earth the ocean takes up and where it's going to go beyond that street.

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