Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Racism, is a real problem. It has been going on for centuries. There should be NO difference in the way someone is treated due to skin color. Wars have been started, people have died, all because of their skin tone. Nowadays there are laws to stop and prevent racism, but not everybody follows them. 

Right now the presidential debate is going on, and there are some very racist things being said, stuff like, “We're going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it!” I may just be a kid, and this may just be a blog, and Donald Trump will probably never read this, but you know what, that’s ok, because I have shared my message and if people still love and respect him that’s ok. But I know my point has been made and opinion proved. Your race, your nationality, your gender, your religion, your skin color it should have nothing to do with the way someone treats of you, it certainly should have NO effect on the way someone values you.
by Ava


  1. I admire your convictions. Recognizing that racism is wrong is a start, but standing up against it is even more important. I come from a community where we used to have a group of white supremacists who tried to run people who were different out of town. It took everyone in the community standing up to them in order to get them to stop. Thanks for sharing your post with us.

    -Mr. W
    Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

    1. Thank you I thought it was a very important subject and racism is a world problem that could be harder to solve than global warming, even though the solution is so plainly obvious.

  2. This video is very insightful. Now that the election has run it's course, have your thoughts changed at all? I feel like the climate in our nation has become much more intense. Thank you for opening up about this topic. It is extremely important for young people to be involved in the dialogue. After all, this world is yours to inherit.


    Mrs. Peter
    Auburn, WA